This room is for chatting about Bipolar (manic depression) and other mood disorders like cyclothymia and dysthymia. Roughly 1-2% of the population are known to be affected by a lifetime of mood swings due to being bipolar and up to 5% may be on the spectrum according to recent research. Misdiagnosis is also a major problem in this field leaving many people unaware they even have a problem. Stigma and misunderstanding can have a big effect sufferers , with little really understood about the disorder.
Bipolar is normally recognised by moods that swing between deep depressions and manic highs. While depressed , people can feel tired , hopeless and unhappy. While manic , people can feel sped up , like they can't stop talking or moving and a sense of great self confidence. The mood swings can affect everyone around you and can be hard to keep under control. This room is for general support and advice. Enter this room to give and or receive support. Please check the rules before entering.

If you are manic or hypomanic , you might prefer to use our new #manic room.