Poker Slot Machine

.play to start the game
.deal to deal a hand
.hold 0 will hold none (replace all) of the cards
.hold all will hold all (replace none) of the cards
.hold 1 3 4 will hold the first, third and fourth cards
.deal for another hand etc etc etc
.quit at any time to end the game
.reset if the game crashes
Multiplayer Poker
#any channel with sillybot

!poker - to get poker started
!deal - to see who wants to play
!draw - for players to draw a card
!keep - for players to keep there cards
!fold - for players to fold there cards
#any channel with sillybot

!slapjack - Start a new game of slapjack
!joinsj - Join the current game of slapjack
!checkcards - Check the card
!slap - Slap the current card.
#fun-and-games, #support and #crazy-peeps

!w - (zipcode) (postcode) (city,st) (city,country) (airport code)

!trivia - list of commands
!choose - list categories
!start - starts the game and asks 1 question
!start (number) - starts the game with (number) of questions
!hints on/off - turns on/off the hints
!answers on/off - turns answers on/off
!stop - stops the game
#crazy-peeps and #fun-and-games

!bender - for bender quotes
!hsq - homer simpson quote
!bsq - bart simpson quote
!ecq - eric cartman quote
!sgq - stewie griffin quote
!bq - borat quote
!murphyslaw - random murphy's law
Rock , Paper , Scissors
#any channel with sillybot

!bot rock
!bot paper
!bot scissors
#fun-and-games and #crazy-peeps

?blackjack - start blackjack game
?join - join blackjack game
?card - get a card
?enough - finish
#any channel with sillybot

!hangmanstart - start a hangman game
!hangman (letter) - play (letter)
!hangmanstats - score card
#any channel with sillybot

random fml stories
#any channel with sillybot

!convert [num] [from type] to [to type]

!unocmds !uno !stop
jo=join pl=play dr=draw pa=pass co=color
ca=cards cd=card tu=turn od=order ct=count st=stats ti=time
Rotten Tomato Film Review
#fun-and-games #crazy-peeps

!rotten !tomato !rt (film)
#any channel with sillybot

!coffee tea
!coffee latte
!coffee mug
!coffee espresso
!coffee grounds
!coffee mocha
!coffee decaf
!coffee time

idlerpg link
aim of the game is to idle in the channel to get rewards
/msg REGISTER (character name) (password) (character class)
/msg bot LOGIN (character name) (password)
/msg bot QUEST
Interactive Fiction Bot

!!help - for help with commands
!!games - to see games available
!!open game.z* - open selected game
dreamhold.z8 is a tutorial game
!n !e !s !w !sw !ne !u !d - movement shortcuts